How much is pickup?
The fee for pickup is $4.95 per order.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept all debit and credit cards. Leppinks Gift Cards, EBT, WIC, paper coupons, cash, or checks are not accepted at this time.

Do you charge more online than in store?
No! You pay the same prices in store as you do with Leppinks Groceries to Go. All sale prices are available as well. The only added charge is for the pickup service itself.

When will my card be charged for my order?
We pre-authorize your credit card when you place your order online for the estimated value plus $5.00 or 10%, whichever is higher. This is to handle any additional charge for weighted items like produce or meat and any substitutions that may need to be made. When our personal shopper has finished shopping, your order is rung up at the register and the exact amount is charged to your card.

Can I order alcohol and cigarettes?
Yes! Just be sure to bring your ID to pick up your order. The only age restricted item that is not available is lottery.

Is delivery service available?
No, not at this time.

How do I put in an order?
Orders can be done on our website or on our app. Orders cannot be submitted over the phone.

What do I do when I arrive to pick up my order?
When you arrive at the time you’ve scheduled, pull into our designated Leppinks Groceries to Go parking spot, call or text the number on the parking spot sign, and an associate will deliver your order and load your vehicle for you! It’s that easy!

Can I tip my personal shopper?
Our personal shoppers are instructed not to accept gratuity.

What if the product I order is not available?
If you authorize us to, we will find a comparable item and charge you the price of the new item. We will communicate any changes we have made to your order before you pick up the order.

What if I have to cancel an order? Or will be late to pick up my order?
Please call the store you ordered from to update our personal shoppers. We are able to cancel any order up until it is "In Progress". Order updates will be emailed to you.

What if the product I received is not what I expected or did not meet my expectations?
Please contact your Leppinks store. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of any of your products that you ordered, simply return it to the store where purchased, and we will replace the item for you.