Leppinks Pharmacy proudly operates three West Michigan pharmacies. Our pharmacy team offers experience and education you can trust, one-on-one medication reviews, and personal practical advice.


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Dr. Allison Cobb
Pharmacy Director

“I enjoy snow skiing and being around my family and friends. I LOVE my patients- they are like family, and I wouldn’t take care of them any other way!”

Art Mahar
Belding Pharmacist

“During the winter months I enjoy working with my sled dogs and during the summer I enjoy kayaking. I am proud to serve the best customers ever. They make work fun!”

Dr. Amanda Chapman
Belding & Ferrysburg Pharmacist

“I like to spend free time with family and watching sports. Having the opportunity to meet and help so many people is my favorite part of being a pharmacist.”

Sarah Engelsman
Belding & Howard City Pharmacist

“I really enjoy volunteering at the school my kids attend and spending time with family! I LOVE being a pharmacist and building relationships with my patients!”

Susan Wright
Ferrysburg Pharmacist

“I enjoy traveling and experiencing new places and cultures. I love working in an environment where I can collaborate with patients to provide personalized health care.”

Susan Brufladt
Howard City Pharmacist

“I have worked in retail Pharmacy for over 23 years. I like the fast pace and the challenges that are present in retail pharmacy. I love what I do for a living and where I work.”

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Avoid a trip to your physician and handle annual vaccines while you're shopping at your favorite grocery store! Our experienced Leppinks Pharmacy team is trained and certified to handle several different vaccinations.

Vaccines covered include:

  • Flu Vaccine (available for ages 9 +) effective against 4 strains of the flu and does not contain any preservatives such as thimerosal.
  • Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix) requires a 2 dose series - 2nd dose to be given between 2-6 months after the 1st dose.
  • Tdap / Td Vaccine (Tetanus) required once every 10 years unless patient has not received a dose of Tdap - contains booster against pertussis "whooping cough" then should receive any time since last Td vaccine without 10 year wait.
  • Pneumonia Vaccine (Prevnar 13 or Pneumovax 23) specific dosing guidelines from the CDC used to determine which vaccine is the appropriate one to administer.